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Renewable Energy Sources and
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Development of the design concept of HSEGC:
the Hydrogen Sulfide Energy-Generating Complex
  For the first time the analysis was performed and the choice was made of the scenarios for extensive use of hydrogen sulfide resources of the Black Sea zone and of the methods reducing the energy consumption in the process of obtaining hydrogen and polymer sulfur due to the application of different-type renewable energies (Fig.1-2).
HSEGC: the hydrogen sulfide energy-generating complex
Fig. 1 - HSEGC
Renewable  energy sources in the Crimean region
Fig. 2 Renewable energy sources in the Crimean region
 On the base of literature data and of our own physical models we calculated the specific efficiencies of renewable energies available in the Crimean region (Fig.3).
Renewable energy sources
Fig. 3 - Renewable energy sources
 It is seen that the main contribution into the energy balance of HSEC can be made by the following technologies:
 OTEC-technology - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion;
 osmotic technologies of water-saltiness vertical gradient utilization;
 small-scale hydropower industry using the lifted water energy;
 integration with technologies of solid domestic waste (SDW) gasification.
 The R&D works of SPE RESST concerning the small-scale water- and wind power application for integrated utilization of renewable energies.
  2008- SPE RESST
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