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International activity

Partnership with foreign specialists and organizations is an integral part of the SPE RESST activities.

Now the international activity is directed onto the development and realization of joint programs concentrated on investigations in the following fields:
   numerical simulation of the operation of high-power microwave-radiation emitters, in particular, gyrotrons used in the thermonuclear facilities;
   plasma influence on the operation of high-power gyrotrons;
   electromagnetic properties of periodic plasma waveguide;
   electromagnetic properties of oversized rippled waveguides and cavities.

One of the priorities in the international activity of SPE RESST is the partnership with several research institutes of the European Unity (Research Center in Karlsruhe, Technical University in Hamburg, National Finland University) and with the vacuum industry enterprises (Thales Electronics, France).

SPE RESST actively uses wide and lasting international contacts for organization and holding of international scientific-practical conferences, workshops and round-table discussions with participation of leading foreign specialists.
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