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Science and Production Establishment
Renewable Energy Sources and
Sustainable Technologies


The Science and Production Establishment "Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Technologies" (SPE RESST) at the National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology" of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine was established in February 24, 1997 and is a detached department of NSC KIPT.

At the beginning of SPE RESST organization Mikhail Yuryevich Kovalevsky, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) headed the establishment. To guide the main lines of investigations the highly experienced specialists V.A. Kutovoy, V.G. Martynenko, Yu.N. Solodovnikov, V.I. Fomenko and V.I. Makhankov were invited.

In the period from 2000 to 2002 Vladimir Vladimirovich Rozhkov, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) was the head of the department. Today Viktor Ivanovich Tkachenko, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) is the director of SPE RESST.

The main goal of SPE RESST is to carry out the R&D and design works used in the alternative and renewable power engineering with application of new materials, to develop the irradiation processes, sustainable and environmentally appropriate technologies, to bring the fundamental and applied scientific research of SPE RESST and NSC KIPT into their practical realization.

The interdisciplinary staff of SPE RESST includes 35 persons: 3 doctors of sciences, 5 candidates of sciences, 14 researchers, 15 engineers and 6 maintenance workers.

SPE RESST has established and maintains wide and lasting international contacts with foreign institutions, research teams and international organizations.
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