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Renewable Energy Sources and
Sustainable Technologies

Proposals to cooperation

SPE RESST is ready for cooperation with foreign scientific and technical centers, governmental and non-governmental organizations and research groups in the following lines:
   development of devices and technologies for the small-scale alternative power industry (wind, wave, hydrogen energy);
   energy-efficient environmentally-sustainable facilities and technologies for the thermal vacuum drying of dispersed raw materials, industrial and agriculture products;
   technologies for supercritical fluid extraction of vegetable raw components and reprocessing of the industrial and agriculture production waste;
   simulation and optimization of radiation sustainable technologies for sterilization and processing of the industrial and agriculture products;
   developing and increasing the efficiency of the devices used in the accelerator and microwave techniques (gyrotrons, plasma resonators), their application in the scientific investigations and different sectors of the national economy.

SPE RESST offers also the following commercial products:
   vacuum drying chamber for drying of fruits and vegetables;
   vacuum drying chamber for drying of chalk, turf, sugar, coffee-beans, cacao, sawdust, grains, salt.
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