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Low-power wind generator

In 2008 the basic model of an effective low-power wind generator with of a high efficiency and small weight-size parameters was developed.
   The light (19 kg) gondola with an internal profile (Fig.1), providing the effective focusing of the air flow at the input and defocusing at the output, was designed and constructed.
Gondola Gondola Gondola
Fig. 1 Gondola
   The centrifugal turbine (Fig.2) with a longitudinal profile corresponding to the most rapid air flow through the gondola interior was designed and constructed.
Fig. 2 Turbine
   The lightweight electric generator (without reinforcement) based on high-coercivity magnets was designed and constructed (Fig.3).
Electric generator without reinforcement Electric generator without reinforcement Electric generator without reinforcement
Fig. 3 Electric generator without reinforcement
   The installation of the low-power wind generator was assembled and mounted at the NSC KIPT site (Fig.4). The estimated efficiency of the unit was 50% (with the theoretical limit of 59%). At present one conducts the works on the design optimization using the systematic measurements at different weather conditions.
Low-power wind generator Low-power wind generator
Fig. 4 Installation of the low-power wind generator
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