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Energy-efficient technology for vacuum drying of dispersed raw materials
 Using the relevant example of drying the dispersed rough chromium-oxide refractory materials we tested the methods of determining the moisture and microstructure of dispersed materials subjected to the vacuum drying (Fig.1).
Drying chamber Drying chamber
Fig. 1 Drying chamber
 The conditions of thermal vacuum drying were optimized:
 drying from 79% to ~0.5% moisture;
 acceleration of drying by a factor of 17 as compared to the drying under atmosphere pressure (Fig2);
Comparison of the standard and optimized drying technology
Fig.2 - Comparison of the standard and optimized drying technology
 optimum discrete conditions of vacuum drying are more effective by a factor of 1.7 as compared to the continuous drying (Fig.2);
 after annealing the 100% yield of the high-quality product is provided.
 Patented technological process ensures the decrease of the electricity consumption per unit of dried product yield.
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