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Theory of radiation effects (electrodynamics of periodical media)
 The theoretical investigation was carried out on the resonance correlation effects in the electromagnetic radiation of nonrelativistic and weakly relativistic electron beams in the media with periodically changing dielectric permittivity. The examples of such media are the rippled plasma-filled waveguides, submicrometer layered media etc.
 The general expressions for determining the radiation power of a nonrelativistic oscillator in the periodic weakly inhomogeneous medium were derived and analyzed.
 The effect of coupling between the medium proper waves on the radiation energy losses is investigated.
 It has been established that the Vavilov-Cherenkov parametric radiation can occur by both the known one-wave mechanism and the two-wave mechanism when the waves being irradiated are parametrically coupled by the periodic inhomogeneity of the medium.
 The investigations permitted to predict an effect of "superradiation" consisting in the following: taking into consideration the parametric coupling between the proper waves of medium, the power radiated by the oscillator can significantly exceed the power of the Vavilov-Cherenkov one-wave radiation.
 The results of investigations are in great demand for medical diagnostics applications, nanotechnologies and radiation technologies of metal working.
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