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Extraction of U and Th complexes from natural minerals with supercritical CO2
 Ukraine has accumulated 42 million tons of radioactive and chemically hazardous substances located on the Earth's surface in the form of dumps and tailings. Recycling of these dumps is one of the most urgent problems of energy and ecology.
 Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) - a promising method for deactivation wastes of nuclear industries in the south-east of Ukraine (fig. 1).

Firure 1
 Experimental laboratory studies of SFE-CO2 complexes of actinides from materials-imitators of RAW.
 As a sample of depleted uranium ore, granite is used, containing along with uranium complexes significant amounts of iron and other metals.
 Extraction was carried out on the SFE-U installation (fig.2), the basic parameters of which are presented in Table 1.

Figure 2 - Installation of SFE-U for working with complexes of actinides released from natural minerals
Table 1 - Basic operating parameters laboratory installation SFE-U
Parameters Value
Working pressure (compressor -1) 0,1 ÷ 20 MP
(1 ÷ 200 atm)
Maximum working pressure 22 Pa
Temperature of the extraction camera 20 ÷ 150 °
Temperature of restrictor 20 ÷ 100 °
Maximum flow of CO2 500 mol/min
Evaporator temperature 20 ÷ 80 °
Temperature of the receiver 20 ÷ 90 °
Power consumption up to 1 kW
Weight (without gas post) 80 kg
Number of continuous extraction cycles indefinitely
 As a result of the extreme study of SFE-CO2 extraction of uranium complexes from granites, it was shown that it can be used to extract uranium with sufficiently high extraction coefficients from natural materials of complex composition at pressures of carbon dioxide up to 200 atm and temperatures up to 45 °.
 It is shown that the bulk of the uranium complex is extracted with a relatively rapid extraction.
 Slow extraction leads to the enrichment of the uranium complex by other components present in the initial sample and interacting with the complexing solutions.
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