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   Scientific activity
    Main lines of investigations and development works
    Most important scientific-technical results for 2006
     Hydrogen energy
     Technologies of supecritical fluid extraction (SFE)
     Energy-efficient sustainable technology for vacuum drying of dispersed materials
     Mathematical modeling of ion implantation technologies
     Development of multipurpose computer code RaT 3
     Investigation of electromagnetic processes in periodic waveguide structures
    Most important scientific-technical results for 2007
     Vacuum ecologically-clean energy-saving drying apparatus
     Simulation of ion reflection from solid surfaces with a nanoscale fractal relief
     Optimization of conditions for ion implantation into crystalline materials
     Simulation and optimization of coaxial gyrotrons
    Most important scientific-technical results for 2008
     Development of the design concept of HSEGC: the Hydrogen Sulfide Energy-Generating Complex
     Low-power wind generator
     Experiments on checking the principle of hydrogen sulfide water gaslift
     Energy-efficient technology for vacuum drying of dispersed raw materials
     Thermal vacuum method of Zirconium Dioxide production
     Optimization of microwave gyrotrons
     Problems of ion implantation into crystalline targets
    Most important scientific-technical results for 2009
     Energy-saving and alternative technologies for thermal vacuum drying of disperse materials
      Implantation of hydrogen and other ions into the superstructures of carbon nanotubes (CNT)
     Theory of radiation effects (electrodynamics of periodic media)
     Alloys-hydrogen accumulators: experimental investigations
    International activity
   Scientific publication
    Publications for 2004
    Publications for 2005
    Publications for 2006
    Publications for 2007
    Publications for 2008
    Publications for 2009
   Proposals to cooperation
    Vacuum drying chamber for desiccation of wood
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