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Vacuum drying chamber for desiccation of wood

Vacuum drying chamber for desiccation of wood

The vacuum drying chambers are designed for desiccation of wood. The principle of drying chamber operation is based on the low-temperature moisture evaporation from the material at low pressure.

Nowadays the offered drying chamber models are the most efficient, effective and economical.

Working volume, m3 3,5 - 10
Maximum temperature of material heating, ° 60-80
Weight, t 4 - 6,5
Maintenance personnel, man 1 - 2
Maximum wood board length, m 6

Time of desiccation of the 25-50 mm wood board to moisture of 812%,
depending on the initial moisture
Material Days
Pine 2 - 6
Oak 5 - 20

The drying chamber comprises pressure gages, temperature and moisture meters.

The enterprise realizes different versions of vacuum drying apparatuses according to the customers request and operating conditions and ensures the delivery of complete set of equipment, starting-up and adjustment, guarantees maintenance and after-sales service, personnel training. Guarantee period is 1 year.

Estimated cost of vacuum drying apparatus:

Chamber volume (m3) Cost in USD
3,5 8 000
5 10 000
10 14 000
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